WILSON Mighty Maple
WILSON Mighty Maple
WILSON Mighty Maple
WILSON Mighty Maple
WILSON Mighty Maple
WILSON Mighty Maple
WILSON Mighty Maple
WILSON Mighty Maple
WILSON Mighty Maple
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WILSON Mighty Maple

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The shape of our new balance board model WILSON is, of course, inspired by our first and brand building model DOC BROWN. We adapted the simple rectangular shape and scaled the proportions to a wider rectangular, so it has the perfect measurements for a balance board. We wanted to manufacture a balance board that is beautiful enough to give it a prominent place in your living room. A hometrainer to be proud of, a piece of furniture that makes you surf at home!



The WILSON comes with or without cork role. Just as you wish.
There are two sizes of rolls. the 150mm is for beginners and advanced riders. The 100mm roll is a bit harder to handle, so it's more for advanced to pro riders.



For the balance board project we teamed up with DAFFY BOARDS, one of the leading balance board producers existing on the market. They were the first ones to provide high quality balance boards and started their business about fifteen years ago. We are glad to be supplied with the best cork rolls you can find out there!




We offer all our completes also with CreamGrip. Its a griptape made of rubber. CreamGrip is the first non-abrasive and reusable grip. Our friends at CreamPrime also support Social Skateboarding with their sales. Their CreamGrip is made of a very durable material with a nice look and feel and doesn't destroy your shoes while doing tricks. It's awesome for riding your board bare footed! The thickness of the rubber gives you a soft but direct feel for the board while the rubber surface provides great grip.



The core of the Mighty Maple Version is made of three layers of smoked oak. The top and bottom layer of the deck is made of maple. Between the top and bottom layer and the core, we implemented a fiber glass layer to provide stability, endurance and the right balance of flex and stiffness to the board. All layers are glued with highly durable epoxy resin. The white logo is silk screen printed.



Like every EMIL BOARD the deck is flat. The corners are with a 10mm radius, just for keeping your feet safe:)



LENGTH 30.1"
WIDTH 9.2"




width: 300 mm  / diameter: 150 mm or 100mm

Bullet or CreamPrime



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