The EMIL ROLLIN TOWN CATS is part of our EMIL ROLLIN TOWN CATS Limited Edition. It’s based on the first ever made Emil Board, the DOC BROWN I, with its mounted triangle kick tail, which is inspired by the skateboard from the movie „Back to the Future I“. The Cat-Design-Story is as following: It was October 28th 2019 and we wanted to do something for Halloween, without using the word Halloween, as anyone else does. A lovely coincidence gave us the right inspiration: The day before, Mathias got a message from a friend of his, who is working at an animal shelter. She told him about this cute cat that they have had for more than a year now. Nobody wanted her, because she is missing one front leg. Being hit by a car about one and a half years ago, Emily was living in the animal shelter since the accident, and now she was about to put to sleep, because she couldn’t stay there any longer. There was no other choice for us to make our office her new home! So, 24 hours later Emily made her first steps in her new home and ever since we are in love with this little black puma. What a lovely soul, what a beautiful coincidence. Within the following days we worked on the design for the limited edition and a little later it had it’s name and Emily her glorious appearance on the edit’s boards and shirts. – Count the cats legs!;)