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How can I contact you?

Feel free to contact us via email:



Will there be a shipping confirmation once the order has been placed?

We will inform you about 1-5 days after your order by email with a tracking number.

How long does delivery take?

We mount your board right after your purchase. This normally takes one day. The delivery takes 2-7 days to get to you within Germany. Shipping to countries of the European Union (without Germany) might take up to 2 weeks. Shipping overseas might take up to 4 weeks.


Which payment methods can I use to pay?

We offer following payment options:

- Credit Card


Paypal Express

Apple Pay

Google Pay


Why are some of your boards rectangular?

Please watch the “skateboard chase scene” of Back to the future one.

Aren’t rectangular boards less fast because of being less streamlined and so having a higher air resistance?

No, you can ride on these square boards as fast as on any differently shaped board.

Can I do tricks with these rectangular boards?

Depends on your skills. We’ve seen people doing 360-flips on an “Einstein”, so everything is possible! But yeah, we didn’t design these boards to do tricks. All rectangular boards of us are specially made for a perfect cruising experience and a kickass sidewalk surf.


Which concaves do you offer?


Our cruiser boards are basically without concave. This has its origins in the inspiration from the film trilogy "Back to the future" and the early days of skateboarding. Everything started with flat boards. The concave is a relatively new invention (end of the 70ies). Since we're celebrating the good old days of skateboarding with our board designs, we are convinced that a good cruiser doesn't need a concave. A solid stand on a flat board and a couple of good trucks and wheels, that's all you need for a kickass surf on the sidewalk!


Our surfskate "Biff" does not have a concave either, as we have found that many riders prefer a flat board even when surfing. This is often the case with total newbies to skate.

Our surfskate "Jules" has a medium deep concave. So you can ride perfectly in the flat without your feet getting tired from an excessive concave, but you have more than enough grip, should it go into the bowl or the park. "Jules", the perfect all-rounder.


Why do some of your boards have no concave?

Some of our shapes are inspired by the skateboards from the movie trilogy “Back to the Future”. The “Doc Brown” is inspired by the rectangular and flat Skateboard Marty Mc Fly rides in “Back to the Future I”. The “ Mc Fly” has it’s inspiration from the “Hoverboard” from part II of the trilogy, which has no concave, too. The “Biff” is inspired by the board Marty rides in 1985, which has an oldschool shaped Deck, also without concave. So, you see, there was a time in skateboarding history (and future!!!!!), where people could ride smoothly without concave. So we are sure you can, too!


What are your boards made for?

Our boards are made to make you smile! Be it a smooth ride through town or a kickass sidewalk surf, an Emil Board is your loyal companion in search for daily freedom.

How is the Flex of the boards?

The flex of every Emil Board is precisely tailored to its purpose. Our long cruiser "Doc Brown", for example, offers a medium flex for comfort on long trips. Our 32.5 inch surfskate "Jules Standard", has less flex, so that the power of your turns is transmitted directly to the board. It also provides some torsional flex, so you have maximum control over the behavior of your board.

Which trucks do you use on your boards?

Our cruisers "Doc Brown", "Biff" and "Mc Fly" have soft reverse kingpin trucks for stable directional ride and smooth turns. Our "Einstein" mini cruiser has soft, narrow, classic trucks. They also give you maximum stability when you need to go straight quickly, whilst they are still incredibly smooth steering. For your Emil Surfskates you can choose between different truck systems. From mid soft to extremely soft, we have everything on offer, so that you can customize your surfskate exactly fitting to your needs.

Are your boards just boards from the hardware store?

This would be nice! But of course we didn't make it that easy for ourselves. Every Emil Board consists of different layers of wood and fiberglass glued together with epoxy resin. The number of layers is individually tailored and optimized for each board in order to achieve the best possible riding behavior. The incorporated tail is also shaped to optimally serve the purpose of the board.


Aren't the edges and corners dangerous?

We have rounded the corners with a radius of one centimeter on each of our rectangular boards. Unfortunately, that does not mean that it is completely impossible to get injured with one of our boards. But from our 30 years of skate experience, we can say: one or the other injury is simply part of skateboarding. That's why our rectangular boards are no more dangerous than any other skateboard on the market. The right protective clothing is still the best way to roll home happy and injury-free after a great (Surf-)Skate session.

 Are there different sizes of boards?


We offer cruisers from 21.9" (mini cruiser: "Einstein" (width: 6.1") to 32.0" inch lLong cruiser: "Doc Brown" (width: 8.3")).

The mid-sized cruisers have 27.6" (Model: “Mc Fly” (width: 8.0")) and 29.9" (Model: “Biff Cruiser” (width: 9.5")).


Our surfskates have 29.9" (Model: "Biff Surfskate" (width: 9.5")) and 32.5" (Model: “Jules” (width: 10.0")).

Which wheels do you mount on your boards?

We offer a range of different setups and wheels. All wheels we use are perfectly matching to the boards geometry and riders needs. 

The range of our wheel sizes goes from 55mm (model: "Einstein") to 70mm (model: "Jules"). The hardness of the wheels is mostly 78A. Some are a little softer or harder, some have more grip, some are more slidy. They definitely have always this nice and surfy feel!:) 

Where do you produce your decks?

All of our decks are handmade with love in Berlin, Neukölln.


Why do you make boards?

The answer in one word: PASSION.

Most of us are skaters for more than 20 years. We just love everything that rolls, slides, glides and flows and flies. Surfing, Snowboarding, and – let’s say – everything that is related to board sports is a big part of our lifes. Since we can remember we are literally living the surf and skate lifestyle for almost our whole lifes. Besides of that we are design enthusiasts. 

We simply adore the feeling that these passions provide to us, and so making Emil Boards is just the outcome of all this. We make these boards and products to invite you to feel and live this passion, too. Come on, let’s ride!


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