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DOC BROWN Smoky Oak Cruiser Skateboard
DOC BROWN Smoky Oak Cruiser Skateboard
DOC BROWN Smoky Oak Cruiser Skateboard
DOC BROWN Smoky Oak Cruiser Skateboard
DOC BROWN Smoky Oak Cruiser Skateboard
DOC BROWN Smoky Oak Cruiser Skateboard
DOC BROWN Smoky Oak Cruiser Skateboard

DOC BROWN Smoky Oak Cruiser Skateboard

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· Handmade in Berlin
· Woods from local retailer
· Made from wood and fiber glass for maximum performance and endurance
· Quality Hardware
· Various Setup Options
· Timeless design


Same as the DOC BROWN II, the new DOC BROWN is inspired by the square skateboard Marty Mc Fly invented in the movie Back to the Future I. When he was in  1955, soon he had to get out of trouble with Biff, his greatest opponent. In the famous skateboard chase scene he borrowed a fruit box scooter from a little boy kicking around with it at the Hill Valley main square. In the scene Marty unceremoniously tears down the fruit box and virtually invents the skateboard. Now he had a ride to be faster than Biff and his entourage chasing him with a car. This 1955 skateboard had a rectangular shape and a wooden triangle mounted to the tail of the board to give it some kick. That's where the DOC BROWN has it's shape from. In the second version of the DOC BROWN we implemented the triangle kick tail into the decks shape, whilst keeping the kinked angle of the tail that originated from the mounted triangle. 




This 3rd version of the DOC BROWN got even better than both before. It's about one inch longer than the older version and we put 180mm trucks instead of 150mm. So the feel is now close to long boarding, but still surfy enough to get your cheeky turns done! This nice balance between length, wheelbase and the width of the trucks deliver just the right amount of stability and agility that you need for a fun adventurous Back to the future like cruise through town!



We offer all our completes also with CreamGrip. Its a griptape made of rubber. CreamGrip is the first non-abrasive and reusable grip. Our friends at CreamPrime also support Social Skateboarding with their sales. Their CreamGrip is made of a very durable material with a nice look and feel and doesn't destroy your shoes while doing tricks. It's awesome for riding your board bare footed! The thickness of the rubber gives you a soft but direct feel for the board while the rubber surface provides great grip.


The core of the Smoky Oak Version is made of three layers of maple. The top and bottom layer of the deck is made of smoked oak. Between the top and bottom layer and the core, we implemented a fiber glass layer to provide stability, endurance and the right balance of flex and stiffness to the board. All layers are glued with highly durable epoxy resin. The white logo is silk screen printed.



Like every EMIL BOARD the deck is flat. It comes with the original EMIL KINK TAIL and the EMIL SQUARE SIGNATURE NOSE.
For the new DOC BROWN we also implemented our love for curves. – We rounded corners! The one centimeter radius makes the 
boards corners more durable and even more eye flattering.



LENGTH 32.0"
WIDTH 8.3"



We screwed a couple more truck holes to give you the opportunity to find your favourite wheelbase:
We mount the completes with a wheelbase of 19.3"



TRUCKS 180 mm Polster Trucks
WHEELS Emil Boards (65 mm, 78A, cream white)
RISERPADS Bolzen (3 mm)
GRIPTAPE Bullet or CreamPrime
NUTS, BOLTS, SPACER Season Distribution